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Rave fashion has been a part of the EDM community since the early years of raving in the 1990s. Throughout the years, ravers from all over have used fashion as a way to express themselves and their community. With the rave scene being all about PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect), many ravers were attracted to the lifestyle because of the freedom to express themselves in the most unique ways.

Over the years, rave fashion has become a vital part of the festival experience. Every festival season is packed with the latest quirky trends. Ravers continue to find unique ways to make their wardrobe a part of the festival itself.

There was so much hope for what 2020 was going to bring to the rave scene, but I guess we will never know what could have been. The rave fashion industry has worked hard to try to keep ravewear popular without any live events. Even though most of the festivals, concerts, and events of last year were tragically canceled due to the pandemic, rave fashion still made strides with the 2020 trends.

Not so New Neon

Neon made a huge comeback in 2019 and continued into 2020. The vibrant neon color wheel is widely recognized in early rave scene fashion trends. The rave fashion industry brought the old and made it new. Many rave clothing brands were able to incorporate neon colors into other current trends and fashion. Things like bodysuits, accessories, skirts, wigs, and platforms have been adopting vibrant colors to give them an extra pop of color.

Since neon has been back for a couple of years now, they are not expected to go away anytime soon. With color being a less extreme characteristic of rave fashion, many neon pieces can be worn to a variety of occasions. The vibrant colors are only adding to the rave fashion industry and are attracting a more diverse range of buyers.

Reflecting on Reflective

Since the beginning of 2020, rave fashion has been incorporating more and more reflective pieces. The bright reflection is serving an important visual purpose in the night scene. Not only does the reflective wear make it easier to be seen in a crowd, but adds to the visual stimulation raves have to offer. Many rave clothing brands are using reflective features on practical clothing items that may be more difficult to style, such as pants, hoodies, jackets, shoes, and shirts.

The futuristic look of reflective may continue to make trends in the future. Even though reflective trends never got to experience the full effects of 2020’s festival fashion season, it may be a big enough hit to continue to make appearances for years to come.

Future of Fishnets

Most people would agree that fishnets have never left the rave fashion industry. No one can forget the timeless fishnets and converse combo. Fishnets have been a fashion statement since the beginning of raves, but rave clothing brands are finding new ways to style rave wear staple.

Over the years, fishnets have evolved from leg accessories to so much more. Fishnets are now being used as bodysuits, pants, tops paired with pasties, and long sleeve shirts. Rave clothing brands have been able to use fishnets to give typical rave wear an extra added feature. Fishnets are now available in all sorts of colors, styles, and forms of clothing.

Fishnets will be in rave fashion for years to come, but it’s expected that rave clothing brands continue to experiment with the staple.

Fun with Face Masks

Face masks have been a part of rave fashion for the last couple of years, but the global pandemic skyrocketed their popularity. Many of the rave clothing brands experimented with using face masks. With most of the live events being canceled or postponed, rave fashion rave masks can be used in everyday outfits too. Eventually, when events do return, face masks will probably be a huge fashion trend and safety requirement.

In 2021, face masks could either continue or fade out. People might honestly be so tired of wearing face masks from the pandemic that they could completely go away.

Must Be Matching

One of the newer trends that 2020 had to offer was the beauty of matching. Whether it be a color, print, or pattern, rave fashion has started to incorporate all matching outfits. Many of the major rave clothing brands started creating all matching looks for most of the year. These matching sets came in dresses, tops, skirts, pants, accessories, shoes, and everything you could imagine.

Considering the large takeover of all matching outfits in 2020, they will probably continue to be seen in 2021. This upcoming fashion trend has just started to rise to fame, who knows where it will go.

Fresh Mesh

As rave fashion has evolved, the freedom to wear whatever you want has always been a common theme. Rave clothing brands have always been attempting to repackage the same ideals into all sorts of fashion trends. In 2020, mesh became a huge hit. Even though mesh has been present in all sorts of clothing for years, 2020 took mesh fashion to the next level.

Many rave clothing brands have used mesh to make layered outfits showcase all of their features. Whether it is bodysuits, dresses, two pieces, or tops, the mesh has been all over the rave fashion industry. Since it has been so popular, mesh will probably be here for years to come.

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