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“Paradise”, sung by Alek Sandar in collaboration with Dutch producers Voster & Gallardo, feels like a breath of fresh air. This bright, up-tempo EDM track will put anyone into a good mood. Alongside its vibrant production are lyrics that will speak to a lot of people, and a hard-hitting beat that will make you want to dance. And of course, an awesome EDM drop.

The song begins quietly, and the lyrics are quite somber: “love always made a mess of me, broken heart got the best of me.” The lyrics in the verses are emotional, honest, and vulnerable. Alek Sandar tells a story relatable to many: learning to love again after a major heartbreak. The first verse and second verse are similar in lyric and melody, but with small lyric variations to keep it interesting. However, the song’s lyrics take a much brighter turn in the pre-chorus and chorus, matching up to its vibrant and exciting production.

The emotional verse builds into a super upbeat chorus with a major EDM drop, and you can hear Alek Sandar singing “it feels like paradise” throughout it. Being with this person feels amazing, and despite him being afraid, he’s learning to love again without fear. Alek conveys all these emotions through his voice; from the heartbroken verses to the triumphant chorus, he sounds completely genuine. Throughout the chorus, he hits high notes and shows off his vocal ability with some short but tasteful riffs.

The EDM drops throughout the song are driven by a powerful electronic bass drum, hitting on every beat of the chorus. The tempo of the song, combined with the bass drum, is perfect for jumping. You could picture yourself at a rave jumping up and down to this track. With bright production and a cheerful chorus, this song feels like a warm, sunny day. The lyrics are relatable and super hopeful. The whole song will put its listeners into a better mood. Personally, I can’t wait to see what other projects Alek Sandar has on the horizon.

Voster & Gallard, Alek Sandar - “Paradise”, out now on all platforms.

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