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Superstar Producer and DJ, GRiZ, will be hosting another one of his signature virtual events this coming February. This will be the second iteration of his at-home spiritual retreat “Camp Kulabunga”. The special event started in 2018 when GRiZ aimed to create an ‘intimate, sober, technology-free wellness retreat’, but just like almost everything, he had to find a way to reinvent the event and move it into a virtual space. Last August GRiZ hosted the first Virtual Camp Kulabunga and thanks to its incredible success he decided to bring it back for a winter edition.

This year’s Virtual Kulabunga will take place on February 20-21, and will once again aim to offer a variety of activities that go beyond what we have seen many other virtual events offer over the last year. The two-day retreat features many seminars and group activities planned from 10 AM to 9 PM. Despite the virtual nature of the retreat, GRiZ also aims to disconnect attendees from their screens as much as possible and plans to hold off-screen activities as well as breaks for meals and in between workshops.

Some of the seminars and activities planned include creative writing with GRiZ himself, Yoga-Qi, guided meditations, expressive arts, and even holistic fitness. The retreat is “focused on radical inclusion, community, self-empowerment, and wellness”.

Camp Kulabunga is offering a special offer for attendees who purchase an Early Bird registration; they will receive a care package that includes art supplies and workshop engagement tools that will be used during the retreat’s seminars, as well as off-screen activity supplies and a limited edition Virtual Kulabunga t-shirt with additional swag.

In the face of a new, socially distanced reality, Camp Kulabinga’s virtual retreat is a prime example of how today’s biggest movers in the music world are rethinking how to keep their communities connected while maintaining the sentiment and spirit of the original event.

Happy Camping!

Photo Credit: Alden Bonecutter/303 Magazine

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