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With Coronavirus still showing devastating impacts to the live show scene in the music industry, the desire for the in-person concert experience has never been higher. If there’s one thing this industry can do faster than anything, is adapt; and that’s what the EDM community has done. Livestreams on Twitch, Youtube, Hydeout, Tropical Lounge, Alpha TV, Facebook, and Patreon, fans can rekindle the feeling of seeing their favorite artists perform right in front of their eyes.

This upcoming weekend on features names like Julian Jordan (Feb 12th), Justin Mylo (Feb 12th), Nicky Romero (Feb 13th), and more. The rest of February hosts names like SG Lewis (Feb 19th) and Dombresky (Feb 21st). boasts a large variety of staple artists for consistent weekends for months to come. This stream is definitely worth taking a look at if you miss what it is like to watch these talented artists performing live. So many more artists than the few mentioned here will be featured on

The rest of February has loads of streams to come. ARTIX!, FLIX, Ayonikz, Flakzz, GLOCKZ, SMAL B, Ryu, Motar, and VOXD all perform on Saturday the 13th, on ALPHATV.

SG LEWIS streams on the 19th, along with Yellow Claw. The 20th has Twitch and Youtube streams from Mercer and Down the Rabbit hole. breaks down the rest of the upcoming live streams for months to come. Check back here for specific streams to look out for just before they go live!

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