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Tray Nova’s latest release, “moonlight jukebox”, is a stunning hip-hop track that is so boldly real and emotional. The song covers themes that nearly everyone can relate to, and the track feels comforting, but also really inspirational. The cover for the single shows a desolate city street late at night, scratched up and grainy, which sets the tone perfectly for this track.

The song starts with radio static and vocal harmonies, replacing the typical piano or guitar chord progression. The production for the whole track is gorgeous; it starts simple, but then develops into something more complex. However, never does the production overshadow Tray Nova’s lyrics. The production has a melancholy feel to it, is extremely aesthetically pleasing and vibe worthy, and complements Tray Nova’s rap style and lyrics perfectly.

Tray Nova perfectly executes bars on this track that’ll give you goosebumps. His lyrical ability is amazing; he manages to make you feel emotional yet inspired through his anecdotes and impactful imagery. Tray tackles several different themes but focuses a lot on his message of chasing your dreams and refusing to give up. He also talks about feeling lost, taking control of your own life, and self-healing. His flow and style are incredibly impactful, but the song still radiates a sense of comfort.

Everyone out here is trying to chase a dream, and so many people feel like they're lost. On this track, Tray Nova reminds the listener that they have control over their life, and that they shouldn’t give up on their dreams and aspirations. He says: “so many times I felt like giving up, but if you’ve never failed you’ve never tried enough.” It’s so easy to talk about all the good times you’ve had on your journey, but it’s incredibly real of Tray Nova to talk about the reality of it all. A career path based on music is not an easy one, and Tray is honest about the discouragement he feels sometimes.

I am incredibly excited to see what else Tray Nova will be releasing in the future. This latest release was a beautiful track, and will surely get a spot on my playlist. Next time you might feel discouraged, listen to “moonlight jukebox”, and know you are not alone in your struggles.

Tray Nova - “moonlight jukebox”, out now on all platforms.

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