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Tray Nova is bringing all the feels with his new release “Chrome Heart”. The track starts off with a bluesy feel which creates an intimate and honest vibe to the song.

With its beautiful piano and deep-layered beat, the lyrics of "Chrome Heart" pair perfectly with the song's message of love. Tray comes in right away and says, “This one ain’t for the radio. Honestly this is the type of shit only you should know” which, speaks directly to the lost love referenced throughout the song.

The first verse is filled with reminiscent memories and reflections of the time spent together during a relationship. No love lost, the lyrics show that commitment is strong but self-love should be too. Acknowledging that you can love someone so much but you cannot lose yourself.

The second verse goes into the relationship more, talking about decisions made during their time together. Two separate paths, the lyrics question, "What did the future have in store for us?” The verse continues with the idea that everything happens for a reason and finishes out with the line “I’ll be there by your side when you’re lonely” and the fading of the jazzy piano.

I’ve listened to this song over and over again, and each time my ear picks up on a different line, word, aspect that I didn’t fully hear before, making the song even better. The song ends so well, completing the imagery in my head of Tray talking to this person. So many people can relate to this song, on both sides.

Tray Nova - “Chrome Heart”, out now on all platforms.

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