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Tray Nova’s “balloons in the sky” is a feel-good hip-hop/rap track that pays tribute to everyone’s inner child. Using a balloon as a metaphorical symbol, Tray encourages his listeners to tap back into their childhood innocence and maintain high hopes in their life.

The track starts off with a sweet jazzy melody, which plays in contrast to the lo-fi ambient background instrumental. Adding to the dream-like mood are smooth background vocals and eventually Tray’s powerful yet calming vocals which introduce us to the refrain of the song. In both verses, the track brings in a classic drum beat and gets us into a nice groove that compliments Tray’s rhythmic vocal flow.

At the end of the track Tray relays a heartfelt message to all his listeners:

See I wrote this as a eulogy to our childhood innocence

Buried by the weight of the world

It’s no surprise that it’s been dead

Still we keep high hopes

You see that’s what a balloon represents, rising above gravity itself

So let’s put one in the air for the inner child

Balloons in the sky

Tray Nova - “b.i.t.s.”, out now on all platforms.

Tray Nova Online

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