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1. Cinema (feat. Gary Go) Benny Benassi, Gary Go, Galantis

Three House giants collaborate for their collective take on a Benny Benassi classic, made most famous by Skrillex. What else could we ask for? This incredibly energetic dance track takes already fantastic vocal ideas and melodies and places a 4 to the floor dance floor house feel. Galantis puts his spin on Cinema here and turns it into a contagiously fun piece of music.

2. Pressure (feat. Tove Lo) Martin Garrix, Tove Lo

"Pressure" is a deep house track featuring two global superstars in Martin Garrix and Tove Lo. With a 4 to the floor pop/house feel this song, this track makes you want to dance. With the beat occupying a lot of low-end room with thudding sub-bass elements, Tove Lo’s voice sits very nicely above it all creating a truly full sounding track, despite the limited elements used.

3. Love Again (feat. Alida) Alok, VIZE, Alida

Love again by ALOK, VIZE, and Alida delivers a high paced radio hit. Alida’s vocals are energetic and fun with a lot of dynamic movement. The track guides her vocal phrasing and leaves the listener no choice but to tap their feet.

4. Prisoner (Dua Lipa) - Jax Jones Remix, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa delivers the same infectious melodies as she usually does. The dancing hi-hat patterns drive the beat, and the quality of the mix in the low end is present. The sub-bass in the drop is amazing. This track is great for any upbeat vibe.

5. Floating Through Space - Sia and David Guetta

David Shows off his incredible creativity. The first 4 seconds of the beat draw you in and make you wonder what else this track has to offer. The afrobeat gel with dance-house makes this track unique and ear-catching. Sia has an incredibly powerful voice, and it is in full effect throughout the entire track. The catchy hook and impressive vocal runs make the vocal track up there with any song in this genre.

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