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Any EDM fan knows the powerful world of Reddit. It has been shown time and time again, Reddit knows all, but this latest study might surprise EDM fans.

A recent study by took a deep dive into the Reddit world with a language study. This study found a range of the most popular music Reddit articles, looked at the 15 most common positive words, and then calculated the number of positive words used per 100 comments.

With this method, their team was able to determine the happiest, most positive, and most likely to use profanity among music listeners. It might not be a surprise, but many EDM subgenres land in these spectrums. However, some of the results may shock you.

The Happiest Listeners:

According to the study out of 27 genres of music:

Trance: 7th

Techno: 17th

EDM: 18th

House: 20th

Dubstep: 23rd

Drum and Bass: 25th

Grime: 26th

This puts Trance music listeners well on top of their fellow subgenres. It may not be a surprise to see the heavier, darker, and more intense subgenres on the bottom, but House being on the least happy side of the spectrum might shock fans.

The Most Positive Language:

Trance: 7th

Trance was the only subgenre to make it into the top 10. With 50 positive words per 100 comments, Trance was able to place in 7th. Even though there was only one EDM subgenre on this list, the next one is filled with EDM listeners.

The Least Positive Language:

Grime: 2nd

Drum and Bass: 3rd

Dubstep: 6th

EDM: 8th

House: 10th

It looks like many EDM fans are forgetting the love in PLUR. Even though many of these subgenres are heavier, EDM, in general, landed in the top 10 with only 32 positive words per 100 comments. Now, let’s look at the profanity on Reddit.

The Most Profanity:

Dubstep: 6th

Grime: 7th

Techno: 10th

It may not be a surprise that Dubstep takes this win. Tying with Grime, Dubstep listeners used 15 swear words per 100 comments. Techno trailed behind at 10 swear words.

The Least Profanity:

Trance: 4th

House: 8th

Again, Trance takes this one. With only 4 swear words per 100 comments, Trance fans remained squeaky clean on Reddit. House wasn’t far behind with only 5 swear words.

The Bottom Line:

Even though this study was published in the middle of a pandemic, it is apparent that Trance takes the major win. By being the happiest and most positive, Trance listeners are living a life of PLUR to its fullest. Maybe the trance state is somewhere we should all adventure to achieve the maximum level of happiness.

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