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In the past five years, record player and vinyl record sales have skyrocketed again. More and more artists are releasing vinyl records available for consumers to purchase. From rap to pop to country, there isn't a vinyl you can’t find these days.

The phonograph, or more commonly known as the record player, was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. The device was able to record as well as play sound. This version of the record player was only used in laboratory settings but was important in the rise of the phonograph.

In 1895, the record player went commercial. The gramophone, invented by Emile Berliner, was a very popular choice to listen to music. Unfortunately, with the rise of the radio, the record player’s spotlight was slowly taken away. Although it was not fully killed off, the record player was not the first choice of consumers.

The golden age of record players did not hit until the 60s and 70s. Many households had turntables in their homes for all occasions. With the invention of stereo playback, the way people were listening to music had changed. With this golden age, vinyl record sales along with turntables were rising.

In recent years, the vinyl collection has made it back into the mainstream market. Vintage and modern records are being purchased and traded all over the world. Major department stores like Target and Walmart now have designated areas for all vinyl and turntable enthusiasts. Modern-day turntables are also a popular item nowadays. Companies like Victrola and Crosley have modernized the turntable, adding USB ports, Bluetooth listening, and surround sound capabilities, creating a new way to vibe on vinyl.

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