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After 28 years of musical accolades, Daft Punk has announced that they are hanging up their helmets and going their separate ways. In an eight-minute Youtube video titled ‘Epilogue,’ the French electronic duo are seen exploring the desert together until one of them self-destructs and dissipates into thin air, followed by the other member walking away from the scene until further exploding himself.

Racking up over 6 million views in the first eight hours of the release, the video announcement is a final goodbye to Daft Punk fans all over the world, featuring scenes from the pair’s 2006 sci-fi film, Electroma, to conclude the era with the dates “1993-2021” scrawled across the screen. With a highly successful career spanning almost three decades, the men behind the helmets: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have been at the forefront of electronic music, paving the way for producers and DJ’s around the world with their unique fusion of French house, techno, and disco, combined with their futuristic style that has since become their signature.

With over 6 Grammy’s under their belt and esteemed collaborations with iconic artists like Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd, and Julian Casablancas, the robotic duo have had a career that the world will never forget, and saying goodbye to an era, the two went out with a bang in true Daft Punk fashion.

Listen to “This is: Daft Punk” here:

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