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It’s not easy to embody a physical feeling with music. Gianluca Cardinale, better known as Bon-Psy, has done just that with his newest release, “Elation.” Released on Stereofox Records, the track is not only a song but a unique experience that seamlessly emulates the feeling of floating.

The 24-year-old UK producer’s work strives to connect elements of melodic and experimental music while creating an electronic sound that is distinctively his own. Bon-Psy pulls his influence from a vast array of genres, most notably jazz, ambient, and glitch. Playing music since a young age, his talent shines through his uniquely futuristic sound.

Elation” provides a listening experience from start to finish, featuring a melodic and soothing instrumental experience that works flawlessly with the groovy digital sound that transports you into the song.

The beginning starts softly before dropping into a groovy beat that carries you off into a calmingly melodic ending. The dimension of sound featured throughout the song puts the listener at ease in a way that only Bon-Psy knows how. This track is a must-listen and fantastic addition to Bon-Psy’s repertoire; you need this on your summer playlist!

Bon-Psy' "Elation", out now on all platforms.

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