Spotify is to spread its reach of local services to South Korea during the first half of 2021. South Korea is the sixth-largest music market globally according to the IFPI and will be the 64th country Spotify, the number one streaming service in the world will extend into.

According to Spotify, the first K-Pop playlist debuted in 2014. Since then more than 180 billion minutes of the genre have been streamed, equaling an increase of popularity of over 2,000 percent for the genre. The launch of a localized service in South Korea will allow Koreans to

seek out artists who have witnessed global success such as BTS and Blackpink, as well as giving smaller Korean artists a chance to have their music discovered by a global audience.

“Spotify has been a partner to the Korean music industry for many years now,” said Chief

Freemium Business Officer of Spotify Alex Norström. “We are proud to have been part of the K-pop global story, showcasing the genre on our platform and enabling its discovery all over the world, from Asia to the US, South America, Europe , and the Middle East. We’re looking forward to working with our valued local partners to uncover more Korean artists, and to connect them with fans in South Korea and all over the world.”

Korean music can be found on Spotify playlists such as, “RADAR Korea” which boasts a

purpose to, “unearth up and coming Korean acts,” or playlists with more mainstream music such as K-Pop Rising, K-Club Party, and K-Hip-Hop.