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“Baka Bad” is the hazy, upbeat tune of the season perfect for a summer block party, or outdoor barbeque. The summer vibe of the tune feels like warm weather, and sunlight on your skin, with an ambiance of Afropop thrown into the mix. Knoxx, known for his bright and lively sounds, “Baka Bad” is special because it pulls inspiration from Knoxx’s Sierra Leone roots.

“Having made so many songs of the years, I felt the one thing I was missing is a song that truly captured the essence of my culture,” said Knoxx. “I pull inspiration from several places and people, but this song was all about Sierra Leone.”

The song is an immaculate vibe and will be enjoyed by people who love to dance, and those who would rather kick back with a cool drink and bob their head. Even with its accessibility for such a large audience, “Baka Bad” feels like a window into another culture with the sounds of an unfamiliar language, mixed with the sounds of a familiar and comforting beat.

“I grew up listening to so many different artists,” said Knoxx. “But the one type of music I would say contributed a lot to this song would be pop. Growing up, the idea of letting loose, turning anything and everything into a celebratory event played a huge role in this song.”

The breakthrough moment for Knoxx on this track was when first listening to the playback while still in the studio. Once the project came together it was not long before he knew there was something special in this track saying, “some songs usually need time to grow, this one was instantaneous,” Knoxx said.

Like Knoxx himself, “Baka Bad” finds its foundation in Sierra Leone culture. With this perspective, Knoxx explains the title “Baka Bad” “is our 'Back Dat Azz Up' our 'Baby Got Back'. Which means, 'you've got a nice backside.”

It seems every culture appreciates a nice ass reference, and it connects us from across an ocean. Even still, the lyrics can get surprisingly insightful for a song with the title meaning “You’ve got a nice backside.” It references the struggles of life, rooting in Knoxx’s experience moving to America from Sierra Leone, keeping what you love close to you, and then taking pleasure in the good things life has to offer.

“The whole song, for me, top to bottom make me so proud,” said Knoxx. “But, in my verse, the way I was able to bounce around the wordplay while keeping the flow as vibrant as the beat, I feel very proud of that.”

For any people looking to stretch their creativity to present something close to their hearts and representing their life journey, Knoxx suggests “Keep pushing. It took me hundreds of songs and ever more verses to get to this song. Keep working until you find the song that reminds me of who you are and why you're doing this. On that path, though, enjoy every moment.”

A lackadaisical beat paired with quick-witted lyrics, and a quick tongue to match, mixed with a lot of passion are all the ingredients in the recipe that made up the bop "Baka Bad."

“I hope anyone who listens just enjoys those four minutes,” said Knoxx. “I hope you dance. I hope you hear an unfamiliar language and still just vibe out and lose yourself in the rhythm.”

Knoxx - “Baka Bad”, out now on all platforms.

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