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With a year of heartache, stress, and discomfort, it is important to feel Serene this year. Fortunately, Bon-Psy and Visco City were able to deliver these vibes to their listeners with their new release “Serene.”

Bon-Psy, 23-year-old Gianluca Cardinale, has been working hard on producing his unique future electronic beats from the UK. The young producer started bridging the gap between melodic and experimental music. Bon-Psy has been slowly crafting his jazz, ambient, and glitch-inspired music to new limits. His wonky rhythms and grooves give his listeners a unique experience, and “Serene” exceeds all of those expectations.

Visco City, London-based Bobby Turner, strikes a balance between beauty and chaos with his melodic and ambient music. While he started making dubstep and drum and bass music in college, his love for chilled-out and melodic music pushed him to release his debut, “Solstice EP.” This three-track journey takes listeners on a progressive, ethereal wave through ranging textures and tempos while invoking an inner sense of meaning for the listeners.

In an “off the record” interview, Bon-Psy and Visco City explain how it all began. The two artists started collaborating when Visco City sent over some ideas, and Bon-Psy saw the similarities between what he had been working on. From there, the two aspiring artists began to create “Serene.”

“Visco had already sent me some ideas, and I was just blown away from what he had been sending me. The attention to detail lined up with what I do with my music,” Bon-Psy said. “I noticed there were quite a few things that he was doing really well, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn from each other.”

While “Serene” was being produced, Bon-Psy and Visco City started to use their different styles to their advantage. By strategically pulling together their unique skills, they were able to create a cohesive sound. “Serene” uses several different musical elements to give listeners a randing experience. From faster-paced progressions to a slower trance, both artists come together to catch listeners in this deep loop.

“When we started working on the tune, we really balanced out each other's differences,” Bon-Psy said. Visco City adds, “As a first collaborative experience, we both played on our strengths and I think that really shows in the tune. As an artist, we are always looking for ways to improve, and we do that any way we can.”

Even though “Serene” creates a calm experience for listeners, Visco City and Bon-Psy were able to open up about the struggles that come with producing music. The mental challenges they both faced while producing this song show their dedication to their music.

“One thing we realize is that there aren’t really any tutorials out there of how to deal with the mental side of music production,” Visco City said. “Other people might really rate your work, but to you, you always kinda feel like you’re not quite there yet.”

“Because one of the toughest things about being a creator is you’re your own worst critic, and it can be a difficult thing to deal with,” Bon-Psy adds. “When you’re constantly beating yourself up on the dainty bases, asking yourself why you’re not as good as other artists and producers. You get in this feedback loop where you think you suck.”

No matter how difficult the production got, Bon-Psy and Visco City pushed through the challenges to make their vision for “Serene” come true. At the end of the day, both of these artists were able to produce this collaboration under massive stress from the pandemic and other current issues.

“It’s not about being super talented or trying to make something super incredible each time you try. It’s about being able to push yourself to sit at that laptop every day and work on music no matter what the results are and not to discourage if it doesn’t work out the way you’d like,” Bon-Psy explains. “My best music has been made when I’ve been having fun, so now I focus on that instead of forcing myself to try and reach a spot that might not be there just yet.”

Due to the hard work and dedication from these artists, “Serene” is now available for listeners to be captivated by the ambient sounds. all streaming platforms. To watch the song’s scenic music video, click below to be submerged in the visual experience.

Bon-Psy, Visco City - “Serene', out now on all streaming platforms.

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