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From the first note of the piano, “Blue,” the newest release from Rob Love, is filled with the heaviness of lost love. Only for the briefest moment does the echoing piano sit on its own. Synths, and drums, and Rob Love’s vocals fill up the track into the first verse. Sonically the song is upbeat. It features a high-energy catchy chorus but simultaneously captures the sadness of heartbreak with a subtle undertone.

Rob Love was born and raised in New York. Growing up LGBTQ had its fair share of challenges so his passion for music became his escape from that difficult reality. “Music and the support of my family saved my life,” says Rob.

In his 20s, Rob began performing at local clubs throughout the tri-state area. In 2019 he began his musical journey as a solo artist. Last year was when his hard work and passion paid off with the release of his first single “Show Me Your Love'' on April 17th, 2020, and “Sticks & Stones” later that same year.

“I feel like all the struggles I’ve been through and all that I’ve done is all part of the personal growth process,” Rob says about his journey and personal inspiration. In his role as an artist, Rob hopes to inspire and encourage others through his music. From the cautious optimism of “Show Me Your Love” to the hard-hitting lyrics of “Blue,” Rob portrays all the emotions that feed into the human experience.

Blue” is a consolatory anthem for everyone who is going through or has experienced the lovesick period after a breakup. With lines such as “I keep seeing your damn name on my Netflix,” Rob Love keeps his storytelling real, and relatable. The pulsing beat pushes through a drumline echoing the piano. The drop into the first chorus is grand, exciting, and sends a shock of adrenaline down the veins. The synths are razor-sharp, and the overall effect is the creation of a bounding pop tune telling the story of a universal experience.

Rob Love, Gates Citizen - 'Blue', out now on all streaming platforms.

Rob Love Online:

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