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“Right Time,” Knoxx’s latest single, begins with a conversation and the question of “If you had a million dollars, what would you buy with it?” A lofi beat rises into the mix as subtle as a wave sliding up onto the sand. The song immediately reaches out and grasps your attention with something fresh and unique. After a beat, Knoxx breaks out telling his story and insights into the world.

Paul Tamba Kpakiwa, known professionally by the artist name of Knoxx, was born in Sierra Leone. At seven years old he, his six siblings, and his parents escaped the decades-long civil war of their home country and landed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to begin a new life. Attending a private Catholic school, while living in a rough inner-city neighborhood, Knoxx grew into being a man who can speak and walk with those who struggled and fought all their lives.

“Right Time” is an insightful and carefully crafted track. Knoxx eloquently portrays the struggles of people who rarely get a voice pulling from his own experience. The track transcends social classifications and is something for people of any background to enjoy. It is honest and continues to circle the ideas of wealth vs providing for your needs with lines such as “they say money is the root of all evil and it keeps us from ever being equal.” In an interesting contrast, the second verse opens with a mirrored line “they say money is the root of all evil but see I don’t think that’s true at all.”

The chorus features warped vocals singing out “waiting for the right time,” before spilling into the second verse where the addition of brass horns elevates the experience and kicks up the energy of the song. The entire time Knoxx never misses a beat, the tight snappy vocals evoke an almost involuntary head nodding. The song is hopeful and speaks to themes common in Knoxx’s music, encouraging everyone to rise above personal struggles and chase down dreams.

From the beginning, with the voice of Knoxx’s son saying he would buy a stuffed animal and a dragon with a million dollars (which by the way is the only correct answer), to the glistening sound of bells in the outro verse, the track is full of insight and sounds that awaken and delight the senses like the warmth of the morning sun.

Knoxx - “Right Time”, out now on all streaming platforms.

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