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The foundation of every great club song is a good beat. Right from the start, it is clear “Let Go” fits into this category. “Let Go” is the thrilling collaboration between Nomad and Shlizk. This latest release features an intense, low beat and high vocals to round it out and create a balanced dance anthem.

The song starts with a clear rhythm and gradually adds in some high vocal echoes adding interest but not taking away from the focus of the pulsing beat. When the vocals become clear, it works only to push up the main rhythm. The focus transitions momentarily away from the swelling melodic energy onto the production, only to then rise with a swoosh of synths leading up into the first bass drop of the song.

“I built this really deep thumping bassline that sparked a lot of inspiration,” said Nomad. “The vibe was set right off the bat luckily.”

And because the vibe was set up and ready to go, “Let Go” was set up for success from the start. After finding the perfect vocal take, and seamlessly blending Nomad and Shlizk’s visions, Nomad put the finishing touches, in this case, the SSL COMPRESSOR & Pro L 2, on the track and voila. A track with signature Nomad style, groovy basslines, techy beats, and a slapping drum line.

“When two people’s visions come together to create something and it actually works, it’s a really awesome thing,” said Shlizk.

The beautiful vocals complement Nomad’s hard slapping bass house in a surprising, but effective manner. The result is an atmospheric club banger, that hovers in the realm of a moody cloudy anthem, and a rosy buoyant tune.

“Shlizk is an incredible artist,” said Nomad. “Everything she’s released has been fire. Seems fit this would be the next release!”

He also shares that for “Let Go” in particular the biggest breakthrough for the track was “finding a vocal that fits the vibe.” And for “Let Go,” Shlizk certainly delivered with her performance.

“[This collaboration] was so much fun! I found [Nomad’s] music via Instagram and loved his sound,” said Shlizk. “So, I was excited for the chance to collab.”

As she moves forward in her career and develops her already magnificent skills, Shlizk says the best advice she has for aspiring musicians is to “follow your dreams and don’t listen to anyone who tells you no!”

Looking to the future, as covid restrictions lift and live concerts are once again beginning to be scheduled, Nomad has his sights set high. “I’d love to play this track somewhere like Gov Ball or Webster Hall,” he said of his dream venue to play “Let Go.”

As for Shlizk, you can catch her performing on the 30th at Writing On The Wall in New York, or Cabo next month in July.

Nomad, Shlizk - “Let Go”, out now on all platforms.

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