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With the weather getting warmer and places opening up again, it’s definitely starting to feel like summer is approaching, and that we might actually get to enjoy it. Nomad is set to play a role in creating good vibes this summer with his newest release “Go”, which sets the tone with its chill sound.

The energy of the song is transmitted to the listener in the very first second. As it progresses, the overall structure remains almost intact as Nomad builds a narrative with punchy downbeats and manipulating an impressively short vocal sample. The addition of the shaker in the offbeats adds a tropical element and with the thick and heavy bass notes every four beats, this song will make you feel like you are in the crowd of your favorite festival’s mainstage.

This track is a step in a different direction for Nomad, at least sonically, but stays true to his artistry and style complementing his other work quite nicely. His past releases “Call”, "System" and “Deep End” feature heavy bass and are carried forward by numerous electronic elements, creating his signature “dark” vibes. “Go” is built on top of a dreamy electric guitar sample, which is an instrument yet to be featured in his music, that transports the listener to a hammock on a beach. This, mixed with Nomad’s amazing vocal sample cutting techniques that are uniquely his, is a fresh but familiar sound entirely capable of being your 2021 summer song.

Go stream “Go” now!

Nomad Online:

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