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Sampling the iconic lyric from Missy Elliott’s “Work It”. Nomad and Italian DJ and producer Mike Touch team up on "Reverse It". Missy Elliott's easily recognizable line, "Put my thing down, flip it and reverse it" is ingrained into pop culture. "Reverse It" opens with exciting energy, remaining consistent throughout the song, peaking the listener’s curiosity from the start. The anticipation rises more and more as the song progresses with its staccato beat which accelerates the track.

Nomad and Mike Touch keep the up-tempo bassline moving and swaying, while using heavy reverb on Missy Elliott’s voice as the chorus progresses to create an expansive sound. The song’s production is a perfect mixture of different textures to create a captivating listening experience. With just one lyric, Nomad and Mike Touch take a pop-culture staple and create something entirely new out of it.

Once the song picks up, it won’t be giving you a chance to slow down. There are three drops in this song, each bigger than the last. This track is so high energy and fast-paced that a drop will proceed another even larger drop. It really keeps you awake, and very importantly, hyped!

Nomad, Mike Touch - “Reverse It”, out now on all platforms.

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