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Once again Nomad has created a club banger that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as soon as you press play. His latest release is a remix of a song titled “Wavy Baby”, which perfectly welcomes summer. The original "Wavy Baby" was released by the Freesurf, Jerry Feels Good, Currysauce and G Lilly Vibes.

Nomad builds the track one element at a time, starting with a faint kick drum downbeat, reminiscent of the anticipation felt when standing in line outside your favorite nightclub and all you can hear is the intensity of the bass. By the 15 second mark, the listener is fully immersed in an intense instrumental break with an incredible amount of energy building up. Waiting only 15 seconds to hint at a bass drop is representative of Nomad's philosophy for the coming months: he means business.

The track also features Nomad’s signature style: transforming a seemingly short and simple vocal sample into an almost infinite amount of sounds. The rolling bassline with some variations throughout the entire song adds a level of darkness and energy to the track that continues its intensity until the very end. The perfectly mixed snare and hi-hats, alongside the risers, play into the genre perfectly. The alarm-like synth creating a sense of urgency along with using the vocal sample as a rhythmic element is a part of what makes this track uniquely Nomad’s.

“Wavy Baby” is closer to what we have come to know as Nomad’s style, established by other tracks like “System”, “Deep End”, or “Call”. With that being said, the track also plays into the beginning of summer and creating a positive and vibrant party atmosphere. Unlike his latest summer release “Go” which kicked off the season with a laid-back attitude, “Wavy Baby” reminds us of the more eventful and energetic side of summer we have missed for so long.

Freesurf, Jerry Feels Good, Currysauce, G Lilly Vibes - "Wavy Baby (Nomad Remix)" out now on all platforms.

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