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Nomad holds nothing back in his latest release “Deep End.” The groovy beginning wastes no time and jumps right into the clear high vocals circling the phrase “I’ve been trying not to go off the deep end / I don’t think you want to give me a reason.” Nomad captures raw energy in his ecstatic drops intermingling and juxtaposed with a warm bounce.

Nomad is a producer notable for his dark vibes mixed with techy beats. “Deep End” is no exception. His previous releases “System” and “Call” are filled with brooding basslines, echoing vocal chops following the pulsating beat that leads the way. Pulling from the inspiration of electro house and future bass, Nomad has proven his expert ability to produce underground-inspired tracks that create the perfect atmosphere for a raging night at the club.

Some well-placed swooshes, a repetitive squeak, and dark, heavy synths, all mixed and placed sporadically, make the track interesting all the way through. A thick modish bass elevates the drama of the tune. The vocals descend static and return momentarily in a warped bubble. The pacing and steady beat are retained throughout the song through a clappy snare that is present in the front of the track through the duration of the song.

The entire track feels like the building up of simmering energy before a climax. It will be an excellent addition to a live set once covid restrictions are lifted. It is an infectious tune that will leave you singing “I’ve been trying not to go off the deep end” long after the tune has finished.

Nomad Online:

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