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Nomad releases an absolute banger of a mix. The mix lasts 44 minutes long and is shot in an abandoned amusement park. Nomad with edge, starts the show off riding to his set on his navy blue Harley Davidson, tagged “Sick Boy” near the kick stand.

Performing in front of a theater, he had his stage name written on the theater's marquee. The environment of an abandoned amusement park tagged with spray paint, and nomads' sick mix all combine for a perfect setting for his theme of the show.

Throughout the mix we hear many fan favorite singles from artists such as: SWACQ, Marten Horger, Reece Low, and Laidback Luke.

Around the 16 minute mark Nomad showcases one of his hit tracks Nomad - Deep End and is so smoothly integrated into his mix. Because COVID-19 brings so many restrictions to artists when it comes to artist set locations, many artists have been struggling exposing their work. This definitely doesn’t faze Nomad, he brings us a mysterious location and a really well done mix to accompany it.

Nomad Online:

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