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Mikey X takes us to Hip Hop Fundamentals 101 with the “Unlocked Freestyle.” In this release, Mikey does what he does best; he once again gives listeners solid, tight bars over a smooth and straightforward instrumental.

The instrumental oscillates between two tones and uses a cool trap beat that comes in and out, these decisions allow for a timeless and lowkey foundation. This chill foundation is best utilized by Mikey X because it emphasizes the importance of his exceptional cadence and natural rhythmic structure.

In this song, Mikey X’s flow is steady and assured, much like his lyrical content. In the “Unlocked Freestyle” X is flexing on the competition, reminiscing the past, and coasting through his present. He doesn’t trip up or fumble his lyrics, but that’s to be expected of the California Native, his cool professionalism shines through in all his music. The stream of consciousness ends as quickly as it began, but it never feels too short or too long, it feels just the right length for replaying, absorbing, and appreciating each bar.

Mikey X - “Unlocked”, out now on all platforms.

Mikey X Online:

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