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In his first release of the year, recording artist, Mikey X’s ‘Stardust” shows he is once again at the top of his game. “Stardust” is a smooth, free-flowing hip-hop record that shows off X’s ability to dominate the beat and lead with bars that pack a punch. In a track that highlights in the chorus, “It ain’t easy being cold,” X uses references to Basquiat and allusions to religion and possibly Megan Thee Stallion, to cover topics such as come-up culture, comparison, confidence, women, and the never-ending need for drip.

Produced by Rxkz, “Stardust” enjoys a lowkey and organic instrumental that doesn’t rely on hype or gimmicks to create atmosphere. “Stardust” jumps into the instrumental laid with reverentially layered synths and a punchy trap, hip-hop kick. Although “Stardust”’s instrumental could be deemed as underproduced it is an expertly crafted foundation for what Mikey X does best; spit heavy bars wrapped with expression and clever wordsmithing. This straightforward approach tunes listeners’ ears to appreciate X’s direct flow and the expanse of his penmanship.

Mikey X’s lyrical style can be described as thick, incisive, and incredibly clever. X fills his verses with metaphors and allusions that always have a purpose or punchline, no word is left to waste. He touches on the topics of fake love and the purposelessness of mourning it, what it means to finally make it, and staying authentic when you have. When he got to this level he realizes and states, “greatness can’t be explained, just gotta feel it.” X expresses how there’s no point in comparing, “[his] artistry has a range” and he’s just getting started.

Mikey X’s “Stardust” is a fresh, exciting outlook on hip hop and a lesson in hard work, manifestation, and being your best motivator. Even at his level, X recognizes being cold ain’t easy, but it’s worth it. The chorus is a lesson that even when you’ve made it, be authentic to your roots and not let the new life consume you. “Stardust’s” brazen lyricism and packed flow, display Mikey X at the top of his game. This record leaves you wondering what’s next for the California artist and how he will top this with his next release.

Mikey X - “Stardust”, out now on all platforms.

Mikey X Online:

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