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Mikey X’s “Here We Go” is a hip-hop track with a chill instrumental combined with some hard-hitting bars. The Sacramento-based artist touches on multiple themes throughout the track, like his hard work, confidence, and being on top of his game.

The song’s instrumental is simple, lowkey, and feels laid-back. The song kicks off with just a guitar and a trap beat, and soon a bass line joins in that gives depth to the production of the song. The instrumental doesn’t evolve much, besides the absence of the trap beat’s hi-hats and the bassline in certain sections, but these moments let the song breathe. The track overall is much more focused on Mikey X’s lyrical ability and delivery. His flow changes up many different times throughout the song, keeping the listener interested and engaged.

His lyrics touch on multiple different topics. Mikey X reveals a bit about his past throughout the song, like how he left home by himself at only eighteen and how he was extremely grateful for his first show. He also raps about said first show, saying: “The microphone was ass, but I still rocked it.” Adding a touch of humor to his lyrics regarding his life makes the song feel personal and real.

He also goes on to rap about his hardworking nature, and how his work will pay off. His lyrics and delivery emanate confidence and determination. He’s not shy about his accomplishments, nor is he hesitant to let the listener know that he’s not going to let anyone stop him. He doesn’t have time or patience for people who mess with him or are trying to do him wrong. With badass lyrics and a confident delivery, Mikey X is on top of his game. You’ll want to keep an eye on this Sacramento rapper for his next releases.

Mikey X - “Here We Go”, out now on all platforms.

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