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Founding member of international supergroup Depeche Mode, Martin Gore, just released the second single “Howler” from his upcoming EP titled The Third Chimpanzee, which will be released in full on January 29th, 2021.

This primate-inspired release will be his first in five years; he released the first single of the EP titled “Mandrill” back in November 2020. Both tracks are reminiscent of their respective primate references in their titles. Gore’s instrument choices and production techniques do a fantastic job at conveying a “primal”, “almost human” feeling, reminiscent of the EP’s wild theme.

Howler” features several very punchy synthesizers presented in a uniquely minimal arrangement reminiscent of Gore’s work with Depeche Mode. The incredible attention to detail in the sound design shines through the choices of distortion for each tiny piece of the track. The song itself only has a handful of elements that play throughout it, but Gore’s veteran status and experience are extremely evident when paying attention to how amazingly well the song is mixed.

This release comes in light of Depeche Mode’s recent, well deserved, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past November, where they received praise from other acts like Coldplay, Arcade Fire, and Chvrches.

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