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LOCH RAVEN, a rising electronic music producer, takes an original song by Shauni, “Brave Girl”, and recreates the track with high energy, dance-pop production. The original version of the song is more intimate and stripped down, as it features just an acoustic guitar and impressive vocals from Shauni. LOCH RAVEN strips away the simple production and creates a vibrant, complex instrumental for the song.

LOCH RAVEN takes the contrast even further than just the idea of turning the song into a dance-pop track. Throughout the song, the different sections contrast against each other but still flow beautifully, keeping the listener captivated. The track starts simple and slow, with just Shauni’s vocals and a piano, but quickly starts to pick up as the song begins to transform into a dance track.

There are sections in the song where the fast beat disappears, and an ethereal-sounding break occurs where the production feels atmospheric and expansive, while Shauni’s vocals, drowned in reverb, sing in the background. Near the end of the track, the song slows down again and it returns to just Shauni and a piano, ending with the same lyric that kicked off the song: “It could be easy to love yourself enough to conquer it all”.

The lyrics of “Brave Girl” deliver an uplifting message about self-love, self-discovery, and creating a life that you are proud of. Shauni encourages the listener to be themselves and embrace their life, for all the good and bad, singing: “No matter how painful, these are chapters in your book.” Shauni shares these inspiring, encouraging lyrics through her beautiful vocals, showcasing her agile voice and large vocal range.

LOCH RAVEN’s fresh spin on Shauni’s “Brave Girl” is exciting and captivating. You will want to keep your eye on these two rising talents for their next projects.

Shauni - “Brave Girl” (LOCH RAVEN Edit), out now on all platforms.

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