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For most of the world, because of Covid, gathering for a live concert is not an option. Or is it? Some concert promoters came up with the creative idea to take the concept of a drive-in movie and translate it for the modern world during the pandemic. For all the live music lovers going crazy from cabin fever, never fear. Drive-in concerts are the remedy.

One of the first drive-in concerts appeared way back in March, as an underground movement in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Since the first weeks of stay-at-home orders, people have been looking for ways to enjoy music and each other's company. Since then the drive-in movement has become widespread, with many festival promoters organizing full touring drive-in events.

Live Nation hosted six events in October that are now available for purchase as a live stream. Their website hosts several diagrams about how they space each vehicle over six feet away and recommends a list of supplies, such as binoculars and masks to the events. Electric Fiesta in San Antonio, hosted an EDM rave series. Each show featured a lineup of different DJs each night. It started as a Halloween-themed week event, but they produced several more concerts since and hope to continue with a show on February 12.

Concerts in Your Car offers a drive-in concert fix for residents in Ventura, CA including Snoop Dogg as DJ Snoopadelic, The Beach Boys, and former members of Oingo Boingo. San Diego saw Fitz and the Tantrums, Third Eye Blind, and Subline visit for the Drive-in Series. No future tickets are currently available as of the second week in February. But they do post in big letters "See You In 2021" and "Please check back to keep your social calendar interesting" so it's safe to assume there will be more soon, for everyone who missed out in 2020.

TIXR known for hosting myriad festivals and concerts has adapted to the pandemic by promoting weekly virtual events including comedy shows, DJ sets, and regular "Happy Hour" events. Their Concert Parking Lot series is in such a big lot, that tickets come in various price points, higher in price the closer, and more centrally you park. Just like in an arena show.

Nashville, Tennessee's concert scene is being taken care of by the Drive-In Theater Tour series by awakening events. Previously they've hosted Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mac Powell, and Casting Crowns have once again graced us with their stage presence. The website boasts more dates to be announced on February 10.

Voss Events hosted Drive 'n Drag: Saves 2020 hosted by Bianca Del Rio supported by the Queens of RuPaul's drag race "in their mission to save us from 2020." Anyone around the U.S. from Tampa Bay to Houston to Los Angeles, (or watch on-demand from anywhere in the world), can find tickets to the drive-in performances through the end of March.

If you love music but hate crowds, drive-in concerts are a perfect alternative for you. If you've gone out of your mind without going to concerts drive-ins are the solution for you no matter your taste in genre or artist there are more than a few options. The drive-in season seems to have slowed a bit for the cold winter months. But due to the success of the movement, if the live music industry is still restricted this spring, there are sure to be even more options for fans.

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