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Knoxx has created a force with his second single “Talk”. The calm and almost whimsical intro melts suddenly into the first phrase, “I'm just talking my shit as the world keeps spinning.” The groovy and electric instrumentals complement the powerful and exceptionally clear delivery of the lyrics.

Born in the war-torn Sierra Leone and escaping to Harrisburg, PA at only 7 years old, Knoxx began making music at the age of 15. His previous release, “Right Now”, harnesses the same energy that flows through “Talk”. Knoxx creates melodic tracks with lyrics that hold important social commentary but also of rising above your struggles to follow the path you're meant to be on.

Following the initial punch into the song, the beat carries the lyrics through the first verse to the chorus, where the sharp tone of the lyrics turns into the calm flow of the chorus. The song has found the ideal intersection of upbeat and relaxing while having lyrics that connect to real issues in our world, such as “Conservative or liberal, everything is critical/post that meme and then claim it wasn’t literal”. The track comes to a perfect close with a catchy tune being amplified to fade.

Whether it's for the commentary offered in the lyrics or the fantastic production, Knoxx’s newest single is sure to get people talking!

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