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This past week I was able to sit down and chat with Angelo Mills, or Millz, an upcoming content creator and musician from the Cleveland area. Millz is part of a “creative collective” called Pray4Rage, which was recently founded this past year. Together, they create music, content for social media, and have even branched off into the fashion industry creating merch and apparel. As Millz says they “just do too much to be labeled as just musicians”. Unlike other groups of content creators, Millz along with the Pray4Rage group doesn’t want to be known for just one thing. With music being their main focus, content creation like youtube videos, along with their apparel line. RF

Millz’s love for music started at a very young age. “When I was little, it was just my mom my brother, and I in the car listening to music together wherever we go,” Millz said, “It’s my escape”. With any free time, when he feels down or sad, he will “listen to music, write music, record music”. What further pushed him to pursue music was his Pray4Rage brothers. This group of guys came together and started a collective of brilliant minds. They not only support each other with their music and content but can use each other to their advantage, bouncing ideas off each other, truly defining a creative collective.

Millz’s music genre would be considered alternative rap, where rap is the main focus but taking inspiration from other genres is a regular occurrence. A big inspiration of his is Kanye West, the master of taking a simple sample and creating a musical masterpiece. As Millz says, “I want to make Hip-Hop but I want to make different types of Hip-Hop”. Hip-hop you can dance to, cry to, vibe to, Millz wants to hit it all.

If you want to follow Millz and the Pray4Rage guys check out their social media!

Millz Instagram:

Pray4Rage Instagram:

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