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Today we visit the capital city of Israel, Tel Aviv, and recognize the three founding members of the group De Zee Music. La Mer, Discoid, and Goyzan gathered their combined creative efforts to form a creative collaboration producing playlists, podcasts, and introducing other artists through their platform. The goal of this platform is to emphasize a “focus on creative collaboration, rather than genre perfection.”

Besides meaning “the sea” in French, La Mer is a play on the name Marie Lavie. Lavie is an electronic music producer, DJ, and cellist based in Tel Aviv. She released her debut EP Stomach Aches in 2020. The EP was created, almost in its entirety during the first coronavirus lockdown. Through her music, it is easy to hear her classic cello training that is translated into a passion for electronic music and creates a unique sound. She recently performed an exclusive mix for Kaltbult magazine, as well as performing twice at the Common Multiverse initiative festival in March. Learn more about La Mer in this episode of the De Zee Podcast.

Yaron Hilbrunn is an electronic music producer based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and goes by the name Discoid. His debut album Creatures And Machines came out on February 1, 2021. Much of the foundation of this album comes from a live performance alongside Goyzan in 2020. His background is in drumming, which contributes to the steady pacing of his music. His name comes from the scientific name of a knee condition Discoid Meniscus, and it is said he can predict the weather through his knee pain. Learn more about Discoid in this episode of the De Zee Podcast.

Goyzan or Yoel Zajdner released his debut album It Do Be Like That Sometimes in 2020, and on the first day of 2021, an EP entitled At The Movies. Not only is he an electronic Hip-Hop producer, but he is also a visual artist, creating photography and videography projects. He also is the director, camera operator, editor, and screenwriter of all his video clips and album covers, and those of other artists. Learn more about Goyzan in this episode of the De Zee Podcast.

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