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The UK has an incredibly prolific club and house scene. Acid House rose to popularity in the UK during the 1980s finding its roots in Chicago club music. Dance clubs and huge (illegal) raves blasted house music all night long, with more than a few singles topping the charts. The roots of acid house now can be seen in many varieties of music in the UK, such as UK rap, hip-hop, and garage music. For now, we will look at six underground DJs based across the UK. and reminisce about summer rave culture.


Earthnut is composed of Jack Jordan and Jack Needham-Leech. They originally met while studying at university in Cornwall, before forming Earthnut. They create experimental UK garage music with a tone that swings between melodic and jazzy to a thumping techno beat. The combination of sound design with vocals creates a truly unique house music experience. Their most recent release is “Men An Tol.”


Yemi is a Manchester-based DJ and Producer. His Garagem mixes are exciting and grand. He knows how to capture a big sound. Last month he made the jump to gain representation from a booking agency, so big things are in the works for this DJ. He says his goal is to create “bouncy, fun-loving tunes that make you want to dance,” and he certainly is making a strong effort to reach that goal. His most recent release is a remix of Kells’ “Flinch.”

Para Beats

Is a UK-based DJ leaning heavily in the UK Garage Scene. His music is chiller than many of the other producers on this list, but his work is incredibly refined and cohesive. He is also one of the more established DJs on this list, well into his career with some of his remixes reaching the UK charts. Para previously produced for the garage music label “DEA Project and Booby Trap Records.” If you are looking for an entry point to experience the UK Garage House music scene this is the Producer to start with. Most recently Para announced his inclusion at the underground festival Garage House London next June.

Sol Edge

Anyone who takes a quick visit to Sol Edge’s Instagram will quickly find even through the quarantine he has found plenty of opportunities to stay busy. The simple repetitive beat of his music is familiar and relatable to any fan of house music. Not only has Sol Edge worked to refine his work as a DJ and Producer, but he is also the co-founder and resident DJ of Dazed, a popular London event space. Most recently he announced his part in the lineup for Fire London’s opening party this upcoming June.

DJ Shazza P

Shazza P is a London-based DJ who got her start in rave culture in 2014. Since then, she has performed not only in London clubs but also in Amsterdam and Ibiza. Currently, she is the resident DJ for Lockside in Camden and Resonate in Southeast London. Her underground sound is sharp and slappy, perfect for a late night out.

Kobe JT

Listen to Kobe JT live on Balamii radio every Wednesday. This underground producer creates compelling mixes of synths jumping around the heavy drum beat driving forward the tunes. Prominent in the garage music scene he is next performing in “The Old Red Bus Station in Leeds” in a socially distanced show. Acclaimed as an energetic UKG producer his most recent release is the tune “Free.”

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