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The bedroom music producer is more powerful than ever. With some simple gear and little money, great musicians can make unbelievable-sounding music right from the comfort of their own homes. If you already have a computer, you are pretty much halfway there already!

There are some staples of the industry when it comes to home music production in terms of gear. These are going to the absolute necessities and a good foundation of what every bedroom studio needs.

An audio interface

An audio interface will likely be the centerpiece of your studio. This is the piece of equipment that connects you to your laptop. Your interface will receive the sound that you input, and translate it into your computer. This is the piece of gear you stick your guitars, bases, or your microphones into. The quality of your interface can dramatically impact the quality and tone of what you are recording, but some of the available budgeted options work phenomenally well.

My Top 3 Recommendations (Scarlett 2i2, Behringer U-PHoria, M-Audio Air 192)

Midi Keyboard

Your midi keyboard that will connect directly to your laptop, is going to help you get the sounds out of your software the most easily. This piece of gear replicates the feel of a piano and can take on any sound that the computer has inside its software to make your keyboard come alive. From piano sounds to drums, to brass ensembles, to strings, and even more, your midi keyboard can turn into any instrument, and help you translate your ideas from your head, into the computer.

My Top 3 Recommendations (Akai MPK, Arturia Keylab, Native Instruments A series)


Every studio bedroom is going to need a microphone. This is how you’re going to record your vocals, and track live instruments. The microphone you buy should be dedicated to what type of music you wish to record. For vocals and that specific studio pop sound that we’ve grown accustomed to from all the big tracks on the radio, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone is what is most recommended. For instruments like drums and guitars, maybe use a dynamic microphone. When set up and used properly, these three budget mics will make your already fantastic performance even better.

My Top 3 Recommendations (Audio Technica AT-2020, Blue Spark SL, AKGP420)

As long as you have a computer and these 3 essentials, you are all set to go! What good musicians can do with minimalistic gear is becoming remarkable. Hone in on your craft and stay consistent; the opportunities are getting greater with fewer excuses to pick from. Let's get to work!

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