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There is electricity buzzing through the 19-year-old Brey’s debut single “Getaway Car.” The opening is intense, and fast with low enticing vocals. The Electro-pop song hovers in darker tonalities for the entirety of the tune. The driving beat taps in time to a racing heartbeat the entire time.

Brey, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, made her debut into the music world through the release of “Getaway Car” through the Cosmic Wire Label, a collaboration between BLAZAR and BJ Klock. The B-side of the track features BJ Klock’s first remix under the Cosmic Wire name. He crafts a jaunty guitar melody, while BLAZAR worked the retro sound and rhythmic vocal manipulation.

The remix of “Getaway Car” is lighter and more complex sounding. It not only retains the same electricity as the song but builds on it. The lower beats are raised, and the new energy and harmonies give the song an added groove making it a more rounded sound. The end lingers in the melody leaving the listener ready to hit the repeat button.

“Getaway Car” speaks to themes of escapism, something that almost everyone can relate to in some form. It tells a surprisingly introspective tale for a debut pop single. It is a fierce message to the world but from a place of care, as if Brey is whispering to us things are tough but you will get through this time.

Brey - “Getaway Car”, out now on all platforms.

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