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What to do when you fall in love with EDM?

If you are reading this, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. One day you are just an average music listener and dabbling in various genres, artists, and playlists. Then all of a sudden you come across a beat that you just can’t ignore. You find yourself listening to that song or DJ on repeat. You start finding similar artists to listen to. Then a few days go by and you realize you have been listening to the genre the entire time.

This is what happens when you fall in love with EDM. Don’t feel guilty, scared, or overwhelmed because it is just the beginning of this beautiful journey you are about to embark on. The world of EDM is waiting for you to explore it, and there is an entire community waiting to accept you with open arms.

Step 1: Do a little research on the genre

When a first-time EDM lover starts digging deep into the genre, it is almost guaranteed that they will feel overwhelmed. That is 100% okay! It is to be expected. EDM is a massive genre with countless sub-genres. The best thing to do is learn about what kind of sub-genres are out there.

A quick Google search of EDM’s sub-genres will be able to provide you with a lot of information. This research will be able to give you a guided exploration of the genre. By familiarizing yourself with the sub-genres, artists, and general organization of EDM. This way you are prepared for the deep dive into EDM.

It is also important to research what the EDM community is like. Make sure you educate yourself on the norms, values, and beliefs so you are prepared. The EDM community is extremely unique and has a lot of stigmas, but I promise there are so many amazing things to love.

Step 2: Start exploring

After some much-needed research, you are ready to start exploring the endless world of EDM music. I would like to suggest starting by looking into already existing playlists on Spotify. These playlists will give an effortless experience to EDM because they are already made, you just have to press play. After listening to a few of these different playlists, you will be able to pick up the things you like. I recommend adding things to your playlist as you listen, so all of your songs are right there for you.

Another thing to explore is the culture around EDM music. It is important to immerse yourself in other things than just the music. Try looking into fashion trends, YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, news, and other things about EDM. This will help you learn, understand, and connect with the EDM community when you are ready.

Step 3: Connect with the community

This is arguably the best part of falling in love with EDM. Depending on your background, you might not have met many people who love EDM. Fortunately for you, the EDM community is inclusive, welcoming, encouraging, and excited to have an addition. If you are in an area that doesn’t have a present EDM scene, I suggest using social media to connect with other EDM lovers.

You can find a wide range of Facebook group pages, EDM TikTok accounts, and Instagram influencers that will provide you with a way to connect with the EDM community. My personal favorite has been the Facebook group pages because you can easily converse with other people from all over the world. Find an artist, genre, or festival that interests you, connect with their Facebook group, and make friends!

Once you feel comfortable being a part of the EDM community, you should attend an event. The best way to do this is to look up some of the EDM concerts or festivals that are close to you. I recommend starting small because jumping in with a massive festival can be overwhelming, but do whatever you want. Either way, you won’t regret it. The live event experience is one like no other. The atmosphere is unmatched by any other. You will make lifelong friends, listen to your favorite DJs, and have an amazing time.

The Bottom Line

No matter what, you should always remember that the love for EDM is shared by many. The experiences and people you meet in the EDM community are once in a lifetime. It may be overwhelming jumping into something so intense, but you will eventually find your spot within the community. By sharing the love of EDM, you will find yourself loving it even more than you could imagine.

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