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Carefree, confident, and compelling, Rob Love’s latest release “Don’t Stop” is a great addition for all the Summer 2021 playlists. The first notes of “Don’t Stop” are bright, but it quickly dives into the deep bass opening the door to the minor angle of the song. The effect is a tune that lends itself to myriad emotions. The expressiveness and elasticness of the composition will certainly create a different listening experience for every person.

The lyrics tell the story of being young, carefree, and reckless. The ominous undertone is brought out in such as “Rent ‘bout three days late / I don’t care / Tonight I’m feeling great.” The melody and synth are light with breezy overtones juxtaposed by the moody undertones and spill from the verses into the chorus. It feels like a familiar tune and is bound to stick inside your head, in the best possible way. The simple repetitive tune is perfect to bop to in the club or at a rave. The bridge is electrified, desperate for the feeling of ecstasy.

The transition from the bridge into the final chorus feels like holding a deep breath; the bass drop offering the only release. “Don’t Stop” is a fine example of a classic party song with an escapist twist. I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve been waiting for a song like “Don’t Stop,” just in time for the lifting of Covid restrictions.

Rob Love "Don’t Stop", out now on all platforms.

Rob Love Online:

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