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LOCH RAVEN and Shauni’s newest release “Disappear” offers a smooth opening full of blissful serenity. Shauni is your guide to navigate the world she created with LOCH RAVEN in a concise four-minute journey. The drums snap softly grounding her high steady voice as she sings out “I cannot reach the sky.” Then the chorus hits with a call of, “If we disappear'' as the beat lifts the melody. The overall feeling is like a beating heart keeping pace with the song.

“Disappear” channels the most human of emotions, both the lifegiving and the harsh element of the natural world, a key theme of LOCH RAVEN’s work. Producer and DJ Andrew Mallinoff, known professionally as LOCH RAVEN, gets his name from a wilderness area he explored growing up that contains the reservoir serving as the water source for his home in Baltimore, Maryland. This moniker alludes to his ability to form and guide the flow of melodies and harmonies with subtle ease to paint a grander picture of the human experience.

Shauni dove into the craft of making music at an early age. Her refinement of the craft is evident as she brings a refreshing new sound to the realm of EDM. Her dynamic voice lends itself to themes of acceptance, courage and love that can be found in both her debut single “Brave Girl” along with her partnership with LOCH RAVEN in “Disappear.” The pair combine their unique views of the world to craft a song full of honesty and longing wrapped in a hopeful and upbeat tune. LOCH RAVEN and Shauni’s combined efforts create a song that sparks feelings of encouragement.

Shauni’s vocals pierce through the song and float out and around the harmony together weaving the melody and harmony into intricate layers that take the listener on a lovely winding journey through the verse into a catchy chorus. Not a slow part of the song, the instrumentals move the song gracefully from verse to verse never missing a beat. It speaks to a desire to fade out of this existence and embrace the dream of an even grander reality.

LOCH RAVEN & Shauni - “Disappear”, out now on all streaming platforms.

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