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After a jaw-dropping announcement that Daft Punk was splitting, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s announced that they will be pursuing solo careers. Roulette will be Bangalter’s new name, and Guy-Man’s will be REVISION.

Bangaler told MixMag, “I’m not interested in being in the spotlight and I want to continue the mystery that surrounded Daft Punk… I wanted to get back to the real. The grit and the dirt of underground music made specifically for dark nightclubs and the feeling and atmosphere of the dark nightclubs where that underground music is played.”

While Guy-Man went to say, "I will be bringing REVISION to life very soon. I'm currently testing a beta version of the show and will likely debut at Burning Man, their Kingdome concept sounds incredible and exciting."

After almost three decades together, the duo reached their end in late February of this year. It appears that the duo have been growing in different directions for some time, but the bombshell separation shocked the entire community. It may be no surprise that they are going forward with their music careers. They have built a legacy together over their starstruck careers.

As live events continue to make a return, it will be interesting to see how this previous duo handles their solo careers. Even though there is no reported “bad blood” between the two, it might be uncomfortable to see their fans handle their solo projects.

Even though the growing pains will ease, both of these artists will be the hot topic for years to come.

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