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Cosmic Wire released their first single as a new record label. And it is a good one.

"Wholething" by HEwas ft. Afroman is a seamless blending of styles of old-school rap and a newer form of electric pop, unmistakably produced by BLAZAR. The sonic beat is full of good vibes and is a fantastic tune to turn the volume up with the arrival of warmer weather around the corner.

The collaboration doubles as HEwas' sophomore track. As his fresh face pairs with the industry veteran Afroman, they form something more chill and three-dimensional sounding than HEwas' debut track "Lemon." A buzzing hum leads up into the next beat creating a funky, electric mix. The pop and rap influences juxtapose each other to appeal to old-school and new-school rap and pop-lovers alike.

In an interview with One EDM, Afroman discussed the mixing of old and new techniques in "Wholething" saying "Older music is played with organic instruments, newer music has more technological sounds, however you can still feel the soul in Funk. I believe this is a perfect combination mixing the present with the past."

Afroman, known for hits such as "Because I Got High," and "Crazy Rap (45 & 2 Zig Zag)," recently signed to the independent label, distributor, artist services, and marketing firm Cosmic Wire. Afroman's collaboration with HEwas is the label's first release. There will be a string of Afroman releases via Cosmic Wire rolling out during his nationwide, “I Gotta get paid in the middle of a pandemic TOUR,”, from March 5 - June 12, with more dates TBA.

Get Paid in the Middle of a Pandemic Tour

March 5 : Private Party : Evansville, Indiana

March 6 : Vertical Vibes :Lawton, Oklahoma

March 7 : The Shrine : Tulsa, Oklahoma

March 20 : The Cozy Tavern : Lafayette, Indiana

March 26 : R&S Saddle Saloon : Marinette, Wisconsin

March 27 : 228 Taphouse : West Bend, Wisconsin

March 28 : Rack'ems Spirits : Cape Coral, Florida

April 1 : Colorful Vibes : Rolla, Missouri

April 3 : Unknown Brewery : Charlotte, North Carolina

April 9 : The Cork & Thorn w/ Kenny Red : Las Vegas, Nevada

April 10 : Echelon Event Center w/ Kenny Red : Las Vegas, Nevada

April 11 : Cork & Thorn w/ Kenny Red : Las Vegas, Nevada

April 17 : Speedway : Jones, Michigan

April 18 : Bubba’s Brewhouse : Jerseyville, Illinois

May 1 : Max’s Garage : Muskogee, Oklahoma

May 29 : Wedding : Fresno, California

June 12 : Pebbles, Ohio

Cosmic Wire is a collaboration between Jerad Finck, professionally known as BLAZAR, and BJ Klock. BLAZAR has 3 top 40 records and won the grand prize in the USA Songwriting championship. BJ Klock is the mastermind behind the marketing firm ADvisight with over 500 million active users.

"The Whole point of Cosmic Wire is to help artists break through and become financially independent," BLAZAR said in a release. "We know how to do it, now we will show our artists how to do it. From larvae to flight, Cosmic Wire is going to be different, a place where artists will be able to be supported and guided every step of the way in true partnership."

They formed the label intending to nurture artists "into their own independent business … under one umbrella of … gorilla marketing." But the gears of Cosmic Wire got moving because of their excitement for the release of "Wholething."

"BLAZAR and I had been working on a few other things when he sent me the track and I was just blown away," BJ Klock said. "I knew I could market it, Afroman is a legend and such a Marquee artist. I knew I would do it better than the rest, so we formed this label with the partnership of my marketing firm ADvisght."

With a single post on Instagram and a website under construction, Cosmic Wire is keeping the cards close to their chest. But with artists such as Afroman, and a promised list of artists and influencers in the future, there are exciting things in store for the brand's future.

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