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Knoxx’s latest release, “Baka Bad Remix”, is a heavy-hitting EDM track filled with nods to African heritage and culture. The song starts simple: with rhythmically spoken words in an African language, that slowly builds up for a huge drop.

The drop in this track hits you hard, filled with addicting call and response vocals and a dark, heavy bassline. The beat of this song is unique and fast-paced and will make you wish you were out at the club on a huge dance floor, where you could let this beat just take you away.

Knoxx also features two rap verses on this track, that are about self-confidence and embracing his African heritage. His second verse on the song features a conversation between him and a girl, where she challenges him to rap in a different language rather than English. He says, “I thought to myself, challenge accepted, and then remembered who I was, and left them breathless.” He then begins rapping in a whole different language. Knoxx embraces his African heritage and shows off his versatility; he doesn’t need to rap in English for it to sound like fire.

Knoxx’s “Baka Bad Remix” is everything you could ask for in an EDM track: an intense build-up, a heavy drop, and some awesome rap verses. Knoxx is an artist to watch out for, as his next releases will surely be just as interesting, unique, and addicting!

Knoxx - “Baka Bad Remix”, out now on all platforms.

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