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Unfortunately, music festival lovers will have to wait yet another year for Burning Man to once again return to Black Rock City.

Burning Man shared their decision to wait until 2022 to return in a Facebook post on April 27. The post reads:

“The past 14 months have been a turbulent journey of evolution and change for every human on this planet. We have had to adapt to the twists and turns of a global crisis, complex public health information, and the growing hope that we can start rebuilding our lives together soon. Although here in the United States we may be feeling the weight lifting and the light at the end of the tunnel brightening, we are still in the pandemic, and the uncertainties that need to be resolved are impossible to do so in the time we have.”

The organizers stated the decision was not based on “one specific issue; rather, it’s a combination of problems.”

But with all the pent-up energy festival-lovers have from the ever-lengthening covid restrictions, the 2022 celebration may end up being the boldest festival to date.

In the meantime connect with Burning Man culture in other ways by connecting in the Virtual Burning Man from Aug. 21 to Sept. 5.

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