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With cryptocurrency and stock market trading on the rise, the Internet completely lost its mind this past week over GameStop stock’s situation. Prefacing the stock market chaos, a stock is a financial share in a business or corporation that over time, either increases or decreases in value depending on consumer sales. When traders on Reddit’s popular social chat room, r/wallstreetbets accidentally gave big hedge funds a tip to invest in GameStop’s stocks after attempting to take a stand against Wall Street elites and giant mutual fund accounts, it exploded all over social media and producer, Boys Noize was all ears.

Within a matter of what seemed like seconds, GameStop’s stocks rose in value and left people wondering how to purchase stocks of their own to get rich. Not only did GameStop’s stock surge highlight loopholes in the market, but it also proved the harsh truth that successful hedge funds have begun to use online algorithms to track investors through a variety of social media platforms, providing a head start on stock market trends. As per the Washington Post, “The four largest asset managers in the world together own 39 percent of GameStop shares, according to regulatory filings.

Those stakes, which are mostly held for years in passive index funds, have collectively gained roughly $1 billion in value since the beginning of this year.” To make sense of the stock market shenanigans, Boys Noize dropped his latest single, “Wen Moon'' exclusively on a cryptocurrency based streaming platform called ‘Audius.’ Taking an important moment in digital currency and Internet history alike, Boys Noize took this and ran with it to make an 808-heavy trap song with a recurring chorus yelling out “Wen Moon,” followed by a lighthearted music video filled to the brim with memes and Internet references.

Now, on the Audius platform, users can download the track to their streaming device to lay down their verses on the track, allowing all of social media to both poke fun and perfectly encapsulate the moment in time.

Stream the single on Audius:

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