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Released on Enhanced Chill, Bon-Psy is coming in hot with his remix of "Marbles" by Palladian and BackForth. It’s always so exciting to see new releases from artists, and remixes can provide a fresh take on a songs aesthetic. Hearing remixes and comparing them to the original song gives a sense of what the remixer is hearing in their own head, and how they can impart their own style.

I couldn’t review Bon-Psy’s remix without first listening to the original by Palladian and Backforth. “Marbles” is an ethereal journey, putting the listener in a relaxed space with luscious rainforest foley sounds, pianos and a beat caressing like a soothing mantra. Accompanying this, delicate synth work that perfectly melds with the already mentioned instrumentation.

Bon-Psy has taken this melancholic delight, morphing it into an uptempo, Jazz infused Experimental Electronic piece. He has completely shifted the aesthetics of the tune, creating almost the ying to the yang of the original “Marbles”.

Listening back to the two tracks provides a whole host of feelings, moods and emotions. As much as they are different, I feel like they compliment each other surprisingly well, the final product strikes a perfect balance between uptempo and downtempo Electronic music, and somehow these artists are able to experiment without straying too far from the core themes/moods of the track.

Palladian, BackForth - “Marbles” (Bon-Psy Remix), out now on all platforms.

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