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Bon-Psy’s new track, “Wabi Sabi”, is another prime example of his remarkable talent and creativity. The 23-year-old UK-based producer has found inspiration from genres like jazz, glitch, and ambient among others to create “future electronic beats that bridge the gap between melodic and experimental music”. Even though he is still relatively early in his career, he has already received praise as a producer that “deserves a lot more recognition”, a direct quote from Olivier Dutertre, founder of The Sound You Need.

Released on Muskox Records, “Wabi Sabi” starts with a fantastic stripped-down version of some of the sounds present throughout the track but in an open, spacious context. Bon-Psy incorporates tiny little elements seamlessly until it all explodes in your ears at the one-minute mark. The groove from this point on is so strong, it will be almost impossible not to bob your head along. What brings this track to the next level is the layering of the vocal samples which seem to serve more of a rhythmic function than melodic. In the middle of the track, Bon-Psy takes the listeners and guides them through some unbelievable sound design in a rhythmic break, full of gorgeous synths and just the right amount of distortion at just the right time. The incredible attention to detail and the continued effort to go the extra mile and make every section of the song have its own set of sounds, while still making them similar enough to be a part of the same narrative, are what makes this track one of my all-time favorites by Bon-Psy.

Some of Bon-Psy’s past releases have gained some traction and caught the eye of many listeners worldwide, like his unique and melodic EP titled “Niya” or one of his 2020 singles “Midnight”. With his wonderful talent, jaw-dropping sound design and unique creativity for arrangements, Bon-Psy is on track to become a future-electronic powerhouse, and “Wabi Sabi” is a perfect example of this.

Bon-Psy - “Wabi Sabi”, out now on all streaming platforms.

Bon-Psy Online:

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