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Bon-Psy’s latest track, “Cursed Life”, is a work of art. Through a mixture of electronic music and intriguing textures, Bon-Psy delivers an important message about hope. The song, through its many different sections and moving parts, will captivate a listener completely.

The track starts with a monologue by Dr. Jordan B Peterson: “...Talk to young people who are lost, and nihilistic, and depressed, and suffering, and aimless, and ideologically possessed, and prematurely cynical, because they are not okay the way they are. And if you tell them that they are, they think well this is it--that’s life, I’ve hit the pinnacle. I’m eighteen, I don’t know anything about the world, I haven’t contributed anything to it, but there are no ups because I’m okay the way they are.” With these opening lines, Bon-Psy sets the tone for the rest of the track. With a tight, light drum beat, a moving bassline, and an electronic flare, Bon-Psy creates a very interesting, energetic beginning section, combining jazzy sounds that emanate a sense of coolness while incorporating interesting textures with electronic leads, synths, and effects.

Throughout the track, there are ambient breaks that evolve into epic sections filled with intense, yet stunning, electronic music. The song itself doesn’t stay in one place and constantly moves. The different sections are distinct, but at the same time flow together well, capturing your full attention.

About three-fourths of the way into the song, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson returns to his monologue: “...That’s the other thing, it’s not just psychological, you can make things work, everyone knows that. No doubt you have, in many ways, but you can make things better. And they get better. And there’s a reason for hope. And there’s something to be said to know that you’re the sort of creature that can look mortality, and catastrophe, and malevolence straight in the eye… and nonetheless, stand up.” After this inspirational speech, the track is quiet and brooding, allowing the listener to let those words resonate. It soon builds back up, and though the track overall feels a bit dark, there are glimmers of hope throughout it, such as the bright, twinkling bells near the closing stages.

Perhaps Bon-Psy is delivering a message about hope, and the power you have as a person to take control of your life through this track. Maybe the different contrasting sections represent all the different emotions experienced through life, from the low points to the triumphant victories. Bon-Psy’s “Cursed Life” is here to remind you that your life isn’t so “cursed” after all.

Bon-Psy - “Cursed Life”, out now on all platforms.

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