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Hailing from Queens, New York, Wolf’s sound is everything you need on a chill playlist. A lyric-driven, creative has seen much success with her singles, "Ghost", "Hoops", and, "Play It Safe." This music is designed as easy listening with its indie-pop sound that could easily be the soundtrack to a coming of age film.

Hailing from Queens, Micheal Raj and Frantz Cesar joined forces to create HOAX. This indie pop-rock band has crafted a sound that pulls influence from 60’s pop, alternative R&B, and 70’s Motown and that they have dubbed “empathy pop.”

Combining elements of indie-pop with high-energy beats that make you want to get up and dance, Julian Lamadrid is an emerging force to be reckoned with. Quickly racking up 128,000 monthly listeners, you need their music on your playlist immediately!

Attending NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Madelyn Paquette is not only a singer but also a producer and an engineer. During the pandemic, she released a self-produced album titled “Better Weather”, which offers a hopeful glance into the COVID-19 tainted world.

Ben Absent creates emotive tracks with an electronic flare. The combination of his fantastic voice and ability to pull different aspects and sounds in his music production makes him an artist to keep an eye on!

Rapper and producer Kemba is a Bronx native who previously went by the alias of YC the Cynic. In the mid-2010s, he decided to change his name to Kemba and released an independent mixtape titled “Negus”. This artist creates some of the most unique hip-hop sounds to date.

GIRL SKIN is a timeless example of a young band beautifully coming into their sound. This folk-rock band is fronted by Sid Simons, whose voice is complemented flawlessly by the gentle and elegant addition of guitar, violin, bass, keys, and drums.

Splitting her time between New York and Berlin, duendita has crafted a unique electronic pop and relaxing sound. It is the type of music that holds you in its grips and does not let go.

Beginning in NYU’s Clive Davis Institute with a classmate, Glassio is the project of Irish-Iranian singer, songwriter, and producer Sam R. The sound is a fusion of dance, pop, new wave, and electronica. Glassio’s debut album, “For The Very Last Time” was released in July of 2020 and was subsequently named one of the best electronic releases of the month on Bandcamp.

Supertaste is an indie dance duo hailing from Brooklyn with a flare for disco. Hundred Thousands and Slug Father makes songs that beg to be played near a dance floor.

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