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Releasing his first official track at the height of quarantine, genre-bending producer, and DJ, Nomad is no stranger to finding the silver lining in the trials and tribulations life throws at him. Bridging the gap between the underground and club scene, Nomad has found inspiration in solitude with his 2020 bass house releases, ‘Call’ and ‘System’ racking up over 63k streams on Spotify.

When asked about his success with releasing music during the pandemic, Nomad put forth a good theory that with more people being stuck inside the house, streams are at an all-time high with more time on their hands to stream more music. Focusing solely on himself and his craft during these trying times, Nomad is always trying to spark his creativity and gain inspiration from anything and everything, finding enough to produce his single, ‘Deep End’ set to drop on February 17th.

Tattooed on his face and inspiration for his label 17Records, Nomad is heavily drawn to the number seventeen, and when asked about what his personal and creative connection to the number is, he said that “17 is life! No clue why it haunts me. It’s my number. It appears in my life multiple times a day & often appears after I’ve made certain decisions in my life. It’s like my ghost number. I take it as a sign.”

Following the awaited release of ‘Deep End,’ he has also shown interest and praise in how the EDM community has come together to continuously share music and energy through online virtual shows. Look out the world because when asked about his thoughts on virtual shows, Nomad said, “I LOVE what the community has been able to accomplish during this pandemic! The creativity people have put into the live streams has been amazing! Can’t wait to have one of my own! Something in the works this year.”

Although the lack of human interaction makes the concert experience marks a very interesting time in history, Nomad is highly anticipating the post-COVID boom of nightlife and believes, “it’s going to catch fire like never before! I truly believe it’s the best time to be a new artist!” But until that glorious day comes, promoters and ravers alike have had to be creative to make do with the circumstances at hand. With newfound rave experiences like drive-thru shows,

Nomad is all for the concept and thinks that ” drive-ins are awesome! I grew up going to drive-in movies often, so it’s nostalgic as well! People need live music, whether it’s with a sweaty person dancing next to you or in the comfort of your vehicle!” With audiovisual technology being at its height, the drive-in raver will be nothing less than entertained and when I brought up the question of whether Nomad thinks that raves and festivals have shifted the focus of the culture on the visual/experiential appeal of the show, rather than the music, his answer was perfect. Nomad responded by saying, "the lights, mix, and performers work hand in hand and that no matter how bright the lights can shine, no amount of lights can take away from the music."

Nomad Online:

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