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Released via the “Insomniac East” Twitter account, the EDM event promoters took to social media to announce their latest extraterrestrial extravaganza, a Florida-based festival called Abduction 2021: The Florida Invasion.

Scheduled for Saturday, April 10th, Pasqualle Rotella has confirmed that the outdoor festival will be compliant with COVID safety measures including mandatory masks to enter the event, temperature checks upon arrival, as well as a cleaning team called the “Earth Defense League” to sanitize high contact surfaces before and during the event.

The news of the intergalactic-themed festival comes soon after the confirmed cancellation of Insomniac's Ultra Music Festival 2021 in Miami was announced, disappointing excited ravers around the country and posing questions of when music festivals might be able to make a comeback. With only limited details so far other than the location set for Lot 54 at the Vanguard in Orlando, time and date, Insomniac recently dropped a stacked lineup for the event featuring artists like Diplo, Tchami, 4B, Acraze, just to name a few.

Leaving much to the imagination, Insomniac mass emailed their subscribers in anticipation for the April “abduction” with a breaking news email blast reading, “Prepare to be abducted, ALIEN LIFE FORMS APPEAR TO BE TARGETING THE SUNSHINE STATE?! LOCAL AUTHORITIES ADVISE TO COVER HOMES IN REFLECTIVE TIN FOIL & BRACE FOR A SHOCKINGLY STACKED LINEUP!” EDM fans and Earth dwellers alike are looking forward to dancing again, but beware...the aliens are coming to invade Florida so get ready!

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