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The “How Can I Forget You” LOCH RAVEN Remix rises from a shimmering beginning to a dreamy melody creating an upbeat musical experience. Alek Sandar, the Bulgarian-born pop idol based in New York, released “How Can I Forget You” on December 18 of last year. LOCH RAVEN takes the emotion-filled piano melody and brings a freshness to the mix.

LOCH RAVEN is a master of channeling the full range of ups and downs of the human experience. His remix of “How Can I Forget You” is no exception. It is impeccably clean and is groovy but relaxing enough to be infectiously comforting. LOCH RAVEN connected emotionally with the track and channeled that energy to relay back a new experience for the same base melody. On top of that, Alek Sandar’s hazy vocals featuring on the remix, pair perfectly with LOCH RAVEN's airy and melodic mix.

Andrew Mallinoff, professionally known as LOCH RAVEN, gets his name from “a wilderness area that he often explored growing up and the reservoir that serves as the water source for where he now lives in Baltimore.” The picture of a serene rippling lake framed by dancing green leaves is an ideal visual representation of LOCH RAVEN’s sonic persona. He got his start in music as a drummer in a pop-punk band. Once he broke off to explore his sound, his drumming roots serve him well as he creates strong pulsing beats forming the foundation of his music.

Alek Sandar - "How Can I Forget You" (LOCH RAVEN Remix), out now on all streaming platforms.

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